On the topic of Trials

Offering God your Pain

Pain is inevitable. It’s not if you will experience pain, it is how you will react when that pain comes, and discord disturbs what you viewed as comfortable. No one would choose the pain associated with a fallen world, and yet, despite the unwanted suffering, God still uses it. God utilizes what we would throw […]

Miscarriage: Remembering Our First Child

You were so young, still forming in my womb, as anticipation of motherhood filled my heart. Everyone around us was so thrilled to hear the announcement that you were on the way. Each passing day I grew more and more excited, longing to hold you, to meet you.

Journey at the NICU

With God all things are possible”. That is the verse I found myself clinging to when days at the NICU soon became weeks. My daughter, Isabella Grace Houle, was born 6 weeks early with Respiratory Distress Syndrome, and battled Pneumonia the first week of her life. I was beaten emotionally, physically, and mentally as we carted our 1 1/2 year old around to different babysitters because he wasn’t allowed in NICU with Isabella.