Celebrating Dad with Some Fun Ideas for the Whole Family

A Father’s hands tell his story. Dedication and sacrifice are how he spends his days as his life no longer becomes about himself. It has been broken for another. He tirelessly rises and grinds so as to make sure his family is fed and clothed. His hands and back hurt, his body aches, and yet he plows forward. These many hours of unmeasured gifts are summed up in the necessary vessel we call Dad. I am thankful to God for dads, and the love they choose to show…every… single…day.

Fathers day

Yet, what about when fathers fail? When the Biblical example of fatherhood is not what you have experienced. What then? What about if your expectations for them have fallen short? Honor them anyway.

We honor them not because they are perfect, but because of the commandment God put in place to honor our fathers. Ultimately, it is the love of God and His sacrifice that calls us to this life of love.

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

Exodus 20:12

Listen to your father, who gave you life, and do not despise your mother when she is old.

Proverbs 23:22

This year, pause, give the most valuable attribute you have…time… to honor your father. Clear the calendar, stop the busyness of your life and just be present.

Fathers day

Ideas for the kids

  • Take photos with dad as a yearly tradition: he will love to see how much you’ve grown year after year. Sometimes dads and moms can try to sneak out of the pictures, so try to be intentional to get them back in. Photos are some of my most treasured possessions.
  • Make a card: This has become one of my kids most skilled family traditions. Each card becomes so unique. I could guess which kid drew the card without seeing their name on it. Add some creativity by putting a funny fatherly pun on the inside (because dads love their dad jokes), or a heartfelt personal message. Perhaps a memory over the last year, or inspiring Bible verses about dads.
  • Martha Stewart also has some great ideas that I loved: Fathers day coupons, a date with Dad, picture frame cutout.
  • Whether you are able to go all out or not, one thing that doesn’t cost a cent is a verbal affirmation. Thank dad for all the things you value in him. For example his hard work, sense of humor, time spent with you.

Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Proverbs 16:24

Fathers day

Ideas for the wife

We love our husbands, we know we do, but sometimes with the demands of life, it is hard to pamper our husbands. However, let’s just say for this Fathers day we are willing to strive for the 1950’s housewife and to do so with a joyful heart. Come on ladies!

  • Start Father’s Day off right by waking up your husband with the smell of fresh coffee and a delicious homemade breakfast in bed.
  • Arrange today’s schedule around him. Plan his favorite activities. No strings attached.
  • Date Night– Put the kids to bed a little early and make a little time just for the two of you. Go back to the early days of dating and splurge with an ice cream date with all the fixings, or relax with some of your favorite music together.
  • Make Father’s day a commitment to esteem him in front of others. To speak well of him even when he is not around. Hopefully, this is already the case, but it is always a good reminder.

Her husband is respected at the city gate, where he takes his seat among the elders of the land.

Proverbs 31:23

Ideas for the whole family

  • Backyard barbecue – Most dads don’t need an excuse to BBQ, so plan a fun backyard Father’s day barbecue and help out with setting up the backyard and getting the food prepared for the barbecue. Help the kids make a decorated apron with the kid’s handprints painted on for a fun, personal Father’s day gift that can be used right away for the big BBQ!
  • Have a Father’s Day movie night and watch Christian movies together on Pure Flix. For those of you that don’t know Pureflix is a lot like Netflix, but with primarily wholesome entertainment. As a family, we’ve had Pure Flix for the past two years, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!

Honoring God on Father’s Day

  • Pause, be thankful to God for His many blessings, including your dad, your husband, your grandpa, or perhaps a male figure that took on the fatherly role. Be specific on ways you feel they have impacted your life.
  • Father’s day is always on a Sunday, so what a great way to start the celebration is to attend a Father’s Day church service together. It’s encouraging and hopefully will draw us closer to the One who allowed those the ability to be Fathers.

FAthers day

Fathers day

The role of Fathers is cherished. It’s not a position that often gets doted upon, or pampered. It tends to be more gritty and tough, and often assumed that its role should be filled. The hours are long, and the pay is cheap. The sacrifices are endless and so are the to-do lists.

To the Fathers who are a seemingly unbreakable force. Your children look up to you like you are their superhero. Thank you for fighting for your children. May your strength always comes from the One that strength is truly endless.

Happy Fathers day!!

The Lord is my Rock and my Fortress and my Deliverer. My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Psalm 18:2

I would love to see a picture of you and your dad in the comments below! Or any other great idea you have for Father’s day.

Fathers day