Elisha and the Shunamite Woman - Bible Craft

Elisha is Shown Hospitality — Bible Craft

Crafts are a great way to engage kids in learning. For me, I have a craft cabinet to keep everything for their crafting needs. It doesn’t always look pretty! But it is everything in one spot. I was teaching the kids about Elisha and the Shunamite women the other day, and couldn’t find the specific craft I was looking for, so I made up this simple craft to help remind my kids of this historical event. Hopefully you will be able to get some use out of it too!

The Event: 2 Kings 4:8-10

One day Elisha the prophet went to a small village named Shunem, and a very hospitable woman offered to feed him while he was there. She continued to offer this kind gesture every time he visited the village. One day, this woman suggested to her husband that they build a small upper room for him, so Elisha would have a place to stay while he was in town. This room would contain a bed, a table, a chair and a lampstand. Elisha was so grateful for this act of kindness, that he prayed on this woman’s behalf to answer the desire of her heart, which was to have a baby. Even greater than Elisha appreciating the woman for her generosity, was the fact that God heard the prayer, and was willing to give this woman, the desire she passionately longed for.

Supplies Needed

  • Glue
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Coloring Supplies


    1. Print out the Furniture Template and the Room Template
    2. Color the furniture, and the room too if they would like.


    1. Cut out the furniture


    1. Glue the furniture onto the room wherever it suits your fancy. Your furniture will be larger than the one in our picture, because we enlarged it to fill in the room space better.



It’s a simple craft, but it was hands-on enough to engage my four year old, and it helped her remember the Bible story.

Elisha and the Shunamite Woman - Bible Craft