Hey God, I’ve Got Some Guy Named Jonah in my Stomach and I Think I’m Going to Throw Up! Book Review + Giveaway

FlyBy Promotions presented me with the opportunity to do a book review. I get to give a book to one of my readers, and receive one myself, pretty cool deal!

I always love getting new books for my kids. We read 3 books every night before bed, 2-3 before nap time, and more throughout the day (especially if the kids butter me up). So needless to say… we love to read!

I jumped on the chance to read “Hey God, I’ve Got Some Guy Named Jonah in My Stomach and I Think I’m Gonna Throw Up!” by Troy Schmidt

This book tells the familiar story of Jonah humorously from the big fish’s point of view, reminding us that when we disobey, we are not the only ones who we affect. Apparently, the big fish had it rough too!


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  • I thought Cory Jones did a great job with illustrating his book. He uses bright, big pictures to draw the kids’ attention.
  • Troy Schmidt uses a witty sense of humor as he writes, which is entertaining for the kids, and even had me chuckle a few times.

All of a sudden my stomach really started to hurt. It twisted, turned, gurgled, gagged. Then- Blaaaaghhhhhh! Jonah came flying out of my stomach along with everything else I had eaten that week. It was disgusting.

Excerpt from book

  • I really like the parent connection at the end of the book. It’s a one page synopsis using a Bible verse, questions to ask your child, and fun activities you could do to reinforce what they learned.
  • I thought it was clever to think of the big fish’s perspective. I think this will draw kids’ imagination into the story and help them get involved, while helping them ease their fears of the concept of a giant fish eating a human.


  • The book is mostly about the big fish. 90% fish, 10% Jonah. It doesn’t explain why Jonah was swallowed until near the end of the book or have Jonah interject at all. It is all from the big fish’s perspective, which based on the title, I know that was the goal; however, it is a con for me because without the parent connection at the end of the book, I don’t think kids are going to remember the Bible story, but rather a fish’s disobedience. I would have liked to see a little more focus on Jonah while still letting the giant fish have his say, since the book is using Jonah as their premise. However, I do think they will remember that it is good to obey, which is a good lesson to leave with.
  • Cost is $9.99. Although it is a nice hard cover it is a little bit more than I normally would pay for a kids book.

Bottom Line

As a parent I would buy this book for my kids. It’s a fun read and teaches obedience. I would not buy this book if the intended purpose is to remember the Bible story of Jonah.


If you would like a chance to read this fun story, post a comment in this article with your favorite Bible verse, and you will be entered to win this book and have it delivered right to your home. The drawing will be held May 1st.


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