Kids Craft – Elijah Hearing God in a Still Small Voice

Investing in kids is a great honor, whether your own or someone elses. They want to be guided and loved, they just need people to take the time and invest in them. Sitting around with my children, we reviewed the story of Elijah after he ran from Jezebel.

Story 1 Kings 19 (interactive story to do with child)

In 1 Kings 19 Elijah is fleeing from Jezebel after being threatened with his life. He was scared. Have you ever been scared? Yet, when we know God we don’t have to be afraid. God saw that Elijah was scared, so He told him He would pass by as a comfort to Elijah that He was right there with him. Elijah waited on the mountain and watched for God. A powerful wind passed by, but God wasn’t in the wind (make wind sound, “woosh.”) Then, an earthquake happened (say, “crack”) but God wasn’t in the earthquake. Next a fire sparked (say, “crackle, crackle”) but God wasn’t in the fire. Finally, Elijah heard a small whisper (speak in soft voice) and God assured him He was there giving  him the courage for his next assignment.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 paper plates
  • Paper fastener
  • Scissor
  • Crayons
  • Glue

How to Put Your Elijah Craft Together

  1. Fold plate into four quadrants. In each section draw the places that Elijah looked for God.
    1. Fire 2. Earthquake 3. Wind 4. Still small voice
    template for fire etc
  2. Color plate.
  3. Fold other paper plate into four quadrants.plate
  4. Cut out one of the quadrants.piece of plate cut
  5. Attach the paper plate with the missing quadrant over the first paper plate with picture, and fasten it with a paper fastener.2013-05-19 21.55.29
  6. Have child go through pictures, and discover which scene Elijah heard God.