My daughter, Isabella

Mom’s Mission Field

Awakened at the crack of dawn by a 31″ girl and a 37″ boy. I stumble half awake as my children ask for “dinks”, a.k.a. drinks. We start our routine of breakfast, cartoons, devotional… and the list goes on.

Just a Rule We Have…

As we referee what appears to be self explanatory, we quickly realize nothing is self explanatory to a toddler. As a family joke (at least between my husband and I) we have starting saying “guidelines” that all end in, “It’s just a rule we have.” As in “No you can’t run with scissors, it’s just a rule we have.” Here are some other gems, we’ve ended up with…

“No you can’t kick your sister, it’s just a rule we have.”
“No you can’t bite your brother, it’s just a rule we have.”
“No you can’t jump off the chair head first, it’s just a rule we have.”
“Don’t color on the couch, it’s just a rule we have.”
“Leave your diaper on, and if you take it off don’t poop on the floor, it’s just a rule we have.”
“Don’t use our flat screen as leverage to scale the entertainment stand, it’s just a rule we have.”
“Did you wipe your butt after you pooped, it’s just a rule we have.”

Parenting is Hard Work

We grow tired as the day lingers on. It is guiding and directing another human being every step of the way.

Resistance is sure to follow as this 3 feet and under crew are positive they can do everything themselves. Not to mention their way is always right, and they are invincible. I never realized it would take all my energy to reinforce rules of protection to my children, only to have to go on repeat the very next day.

I am sure God looks at us and thinks the same thing.

Sometimes through all this hustle and bustle we forget how important our job is. Teaching a child how to potty train or how to be patient and use their manners seems trivial in the big scheme of things, but it’s not. This is your mission field, from start to finish. Every day no matter how tired or under appreciated you feel, remember you are making a difference.

Parenting is hard work. It takes work and commitment. It takes unconditional love for another without praise and accolades. Without the marching band that we all deserve.

Kids Are Watching

My son, Timothy

As you go throughout your day remember your kids are watching. Your kids are watching how you teach, guide and love them. More important than your words are your actions. If you tell them you love them, but you act like they are a burden, they will feel that.  They are waiting to feel affirmation that they are loved, storing up nuggets every day.  It maybe easy to consume your day with things other then your children: Weigh those things. Some are needed. Some are not. You may not get a handwritten thank you or a gift, but when you are investing in your children it is the best thing you can do with your time. It is invaluable.

Your Children Are Your Mission Field.

Teach them about Jesus, teach them to love, to be patient, to be kind. Don’t waste your days looking forward to when they are older. Enjoy them today in whatever season they are at. Make them a conscience priority. It’s so easy to go into survival mode and only feel you have energy for the basics ( i.e. feeding, cooking, cleaning) but make sure you are taking a moment for quality time. They each have their unique personalities filled with a purpose. There is nothing sweeter than when you are spending time with your child, and you hear them genuinely laugh, or smile, and you just know they feel as loved as you do at that moment. One day I was sitting with Tim, and he looks up at me and says, “Mom, I am happy.” It made my day. I want my kids to feel loved, to not feel like a chore or an obligation, but as the gift they are.

May God give each one of us the strength to be the best parents we can be. Making our children the priority they are with a willing heart to invest in them with the love and dedication they deserve.

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from Him.

Psalm 127:3

Please Share Your Thoughts

  • Great post, Grace. Good reminder… and it’s so true that actions speak SO MUCH louder than words with kids. Even though Zoe is still young, I am mindful of this. She’s a sponge soaking up everything I say and do.

    Looking forward to the days she wakes up early. Well, not really. Haha. She sleeps late now and I love it.

    As for the mission field – they say that adoption is also one of the greatest missions. To bring a child into your home – no matter the method – such a responsibility.

    • Thank you Jen! I love hearing about you and Zoe. You really seem like a great mother who loves her daughter. I totally agree with adoption being a great mission field. I think people who adopt or foster have such big hearts. Loving a child no matter what means you receive them is a gift from God.

  • Beautiful post. Our kids are always our mission field no matter how old they they get. :)

  • Linda Henderson

    I’ve taught you well, lol! Just kidding- but maybe you did learn a thing or two from our examples, such as prioritizing your kids ( really did try to do that) & pointing your kids to Jesus. Maybe it didn’t always seem like I was doing that, but that’s where my heart was ( not to brag, but-PTL). It does sound like you’ve really got a grip on parenting! Tim & Bella are blessed to have such a caring Mom & Dad.I truly feel blessed to have a daughter who loves Jesus & is raising Timmy & Isabella like God would want them to be raised. Wish we could do it all over again, even though I don’t think we did everything wrong.God really does work everything together for good! But I do miss those days when we had all of you at home ( preteen, that is).Hope you’re feeling ok with baby #3 in the oven <3

    • I got a kick how you made the distinction of preteen! Lol. 29.5 weeks with Baby #3. Taking it day by day. Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for encouraging me to love Jesus at a young age, and with no matter what happens He is our constant and daily bread.

  • Kristin Corbett

    Thank you is not enough! I love reading your blog. It’s such an encouragement. By putting God first in your life and obeying God to write these articles He is working in and through you to point others to Him and encourage. I laughed and I teared up as I read this article. I loved when you wrote: ” I never realized it would take all my energy to reinforce rules of protection to my children, only to have to go on repeat the very next day. I am sure God looks at us and thinks the same thing.”
    Our children are a great example of how we relate to God. You’ve reminded me to watch my actions, teach Sadie Christ-like characteristics, unconditional love, and enjoy today.

    • You are going to make me cry Kristin! Thank you for taking the time to encourage me and brighten my day. Sadie is so blessed to have you as a mother. And I am blessed to call you my friend.