For my Daughter

Do you know you’re beautiful, Ms. Isabella? We, as women, sometimes question our worth, our beauty… We seek admiration by the way we dress, the way we talk, the choices we make. We want so bad to feel loved. Our heart cries for this attention, and when we don’t receive it, we criticize ourselves as though we didn’t reach the standard that we needed to achieve. We question if we are of value. Well, sweet child, I pray this is not a vice for you. I pray you know you don’t measure your worth with these shifting scales. You are beautiful… Because you are YOU.

Stop Believing Lies… Fill Your Mind with Truth

Lies come in many forms, whispering our insecurities as though they carry some entitled information. Whether these lies are self imposed or negativity spread from those around us, you can’t dwell on these things. It will suck the life right out of you. Focus on who God sees, a person of value,  a person with purpose, a person who is loved.

Uniquely Designed

I sit and watch as snowflakes hit my windshield one after another. I am amazed at how detailed and beautiful these handcrafted drops of ice are. How often have I had the chance to even pay attention? How easily it would have been for God to disregard the details in the snowflake, because, unless you really stop to pay attention, who really cares if they were just balls of snow with only a practical purpose? But God cared. It makes perfect sense, aligned with His nature, that the Artist that created the world paid attention to the details we rarely notice. Life can be like a good movie; the more you watch it, the more you see the details that were placed there by the director.

Seeing Yourself and Others as Beautiful

Handcrafted by a loving Creator, you were etched from your toes to your head. You are not a mistake. Society may say you don’t fit the beauty mold, but God looks at you and smiles, knowing that He created you just the way He wanted. Do you think God failed to get the latest fashion magazine to see if you fit today’s view of what is beautiful? Over the decades our society’s view of beauty has changed but God’s has not.