Tired Obedience

Today’s the day. We lay our prayer before God, the same prayer we’ve prayed for months, possibly years. Waiting for a miracle. Waiting for a loving God to bestow mercy on our particular request. What is the delay?

Leap of Faith

Sharing my faith and convictions can sometimes get discouraging. Not everyone is going to share the same mindset or come to the same conclusions in life. Yet God gently reminded me that everyone is going to be held accountable for there own choice. I cannot make that choice for them. This personal choice cannot be forced but lovingly and patiently shared. I always tried to grasp this concept, yet God really sent the message home when my son struggled getting in the pool.

Seeking After the Prize with Perseverance

As we view how our children respond to us, we receive a visual of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. My daughter (Isabella, but we call her Izzy) just started crawling; wherever I am in the house, she will find me. Her determination makes my heart soar, because I am her prize. She huffs and puffs, crawling until she can’t push any farther. She rests for a second and then keeps on going.