Two Teddy Grahams

Sometimes we need to look at the heart of a child to remind us of the timeless truths God has tried to impress upon our hearts for years. We look at what we have or don’t have and feel limited. How could God find favor in me, or use me, when all I have doesn’t look good in comparison to what we see others offer. This is not how God weighs our offerings. God looks at the heart, and values the unseen things above all else.

Giving Your 2¢

Picture with me the scene in Mark 12:41-43. Jesus sitting in front of the offering plate as the rich drop in significant sums of money. Even if we were watching it would be tempting to be impressed by their contributions, and think they really know how to give unto the Lord. Than here comes this woman, dropping 2¢ into the offering plate. How would that look? What would we think? She must be holding onto her money, and really has not learned how to tithe yet. Yet, God through his omniscience knew this woman. He knew that she was giving ALL the money she had left to God.  If Bill Gates gave $100 to charity, and you did, both would be warmly received from the recipient, but there is a sweetness when someone gives not out of their surplus but with a sacrifice.

Timothy’s Teddy Grahams

My 2 year old son Timothy definitely likes to test his boundaries, but I tell you, sometimes he just shows this heart of gold. This story may seem as though I am overreacting, as we moms like to do over our children, and perhaps I am, but Tim brings me joy when I see he “gets it”.

I was cleaning up the living room while Tim and Izzy were playing. I had given Tim some Teddy Grahams as a snack, so I said, “Tim, can you give Izzy a Teddy Graham please.” He reaches his hand into his bag and grabs a crumbly Teddy Graham, hands it to her proudly. I say, “Good job Tim.” Excited he shared, though I thought I will teach him to give his best Teddy Grahams when he is older. He takes his little hand and puts it in his bag a second time, grabbing another crumbly teddy graham, and hands it to me. “Oh thank you Timmy” I say in my very excited voice. Then he puts down the bag, and starts playing. A few minutes later he asks for more. I look into his bag, and realize he gave me and izzy his last two teddy grahams.

When Tim was sharing he wasn’t concerned where the next Teddy Graham was going to come from, he just wanted to share with us what he had. I think God looked at Timmy’s sweet offering and was pleased. I hope I can learn to give what I have not just from my overabundance. May I be obedient whether with feast or famine.

The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

Photo credit: by Jellocube27