Ways to Be Present with Your Kids

I watch my precious kids grow up before my eyes. Each 24 hour period passes almost as quickly as it arrives, as I try to balance all of life’s details, while still prioritizing my kids. Despite the slew of stuff that bombards each day, I want to stop and breath in the moments that make each day special. I want to appreciate my kids and savor the moments that I don’t want to pass by. Hopefully if I pause long enough I can create a memory that can’t be taken from me. So as I hear the laughter bubbling through my house, and the joy that kids bring, I want to put aside my tiredness, my work, my distractions and remember how fleeting these moments are. I want to soak in just one more memory.

Some Ways We Can Be Present with Our Kids

Set aside No TV, No Electronic Time

Electronics can be like a vortex. They consume our focus for the time being. Even if we can multitask and talk while these other things are going on in the background, it is far from a focused conversation.

Put Your Chores on a to Do List, Whether a Journal or a Computer Note

Create a to-do list so that you don’t have to use time mulling over those things even when you are not even doing them.

Look at Your Children When You Are Speaking to Them

Find a way to pause, separating yourself from all your to-do’s and listening to someone who is more important than any list.

Plan Specific Things That Would Make Them Feel Special

Go out of your way to do something special for them. Whether it’s a trip to the icecream store, a board game, or a dance with your little lass. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to make someone feel special. Time is your most valuable asset, and time is what you can give them.

Make an Intentional Decision before Your Day Begins That Your Kids Are a Priority

Factor in time for just them, even before the day begins, and if your to-do list outstretches your time, cut something out so you do have time for your kids. One idea to get started is letting them choose/or you choose an activity, and setting the timer for 15-30 min. It’s amazing how much play time you actually can do in that time.

Look for Ways to Encourage Them

Try to say at least 3 encouraging things a day to your kids. This focused mindset will help you be intentional about looking for your kids strengths and letting them know that you see them. They are not just one of your to do lists.

Don’t Procrastinate

Sometimes our mind keeps on swirling, because we are procrastinators. Not only do we have the things to do today, but the things for yesterday and the day before. If you need to walk over a toy on the way to the bathroom, pick it up instead of scurting around it. Try to deal with things as they come, instead of pushing them off.

Don’t Overbook Yourself

Limit your weekly plans to things that actually need to be present in your life. If you are out every night of the week, I am sure there is something you can omit from your schedule.

Delegate Chores

Don’t feel bad about delegating chores. It teaches the kids a lot about work ethic, and taking care of their things, as well as working together as a team. It doesn’t matter how old your children are, there are various age appropriate activities to get your kids started. Initially, it will take some effort getting them to do chores appropriately, but over time, they really are a big help, and it helps eleveate some of your time consuming chores, which could be used spending time with them.

Hopefully introducing some of these methods will allow you to be present physically and mentally when you are able to share life’s precious moments with your children.

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Psalm 127:3

What is one memory you made today with your kids?